Darren Hooper - President

Darren is a diversity and inclusion leader at Aurizon. He moved into diversity from employee relations because the opportunity to be part of something truly transformative in this male dominated employer. Darren is motivated toward improved diversity outcomes on the on the fundamental principle of equity. It is Darren's belief that the existence of a gender pay gap, indigenous exclusion from full economic participation and the insufficient employment opportunities for people of different physical and cognitive abilities demonstrate the existence on unconscious biases creating unfair outcomes.

In his diversity role he has helped Aurizon achieve international and national Awards for their diversity and inclusion initiatives and outcomes.

Darren has a particular interest in the development of data analysis tools that assist in the creation and measurement of diversity KPIs.

In 2015 Darren first put out the call to diversity practitioners for the formation of Queensland based professional association for diversity practitioners. Being a diversity and inclusion practitioners is not an easy role. Quite apart from those that might oppose some notions of diversity, there is often a struggle to get diversity on an already crowded corporate agenda.

The QDPA is run for practitioners, to provide them resources to be the best professional they can be, and to advocate for the role and recognition of diversity practitioners within organisations.

Andrea Smith - Vice President

Andrea is an organisational development specialist with ten years experience delivering HR solutions in the resources and utilities sectors. Passionate about maximising organisations relationships with their people, Andrea specialises in building ground-up strategies that deliver in the areas of diversity and inclusion, organisational culture and employee engagement. Andrea is currently working at Ergon Energy focusing on leveraging diversity and inclusion to drive tangible business results.

Qualified with a Bachelor of Business Management and Cert IV in Training and Assessment, Andreas academic focus is now on completing a Masters degree in Strategic Organisational Development with a focus on diversity and inclusion. In her personal life, Andrea runs a blog and online community for women striving to be their best selves in all aspects of their lives.

A passionate advocate in the diversity and inclusion field, Andrea is driven to see the DPA connect and develop professionals to elevate the entire community to achieve the outcomes we collectively seek.

Gemma Lloyd - Company Secretary

Gemma is cofounder of Diverse City Careers (DCC), Company Secretary of the Diversity Practitioners Association (DPA), and has served on two not-for profit Boards including IT Queensland and Females in Technology and Telecommunications (FITT).

After working in an industry under-represented by women, Gemma co-founded DCC with the goal of making a difference. DCC is a unique jobs platform, which only advertises roles with companies genuinely committed to supporting women's careers.

A regular speaker at community and industry events, Gemma has delivered keynote speeches and participated on panels of events such as Griffith University’s “Leadership Engaging Diversity”, Boosting Women in STEM Conference, Women in Tech & Telco Leadership Summit and SOPAC 2016. Featured in The Australian, Channel 9 News, Huffington Post, Forbes and on Kochie’s Business Builders and various podcasts, Gemma is a passionate advocate and provides expert commentary on gender equality and entrepreneurship.

In 2016, Gemma won the WIT Entrepreneur of the Year Award, a #Techdiversity Award in the Leaders in Advertising category and was a finalist in the 2015 ARN Women in ICT Awards in the Innovation category.

Teagan Dowler - Treasurer

Teagan Dowler is the founder of The Blue Collared Woman, an organisation working to improve diversity and inclusion in the engineering, resource and construction industries. She also works as a strategy and leadership consultant in the same industries and currently sits as a Ministerial Committee Member on the board of the School for Student Leadership in Victoria.

Teagan is a leader in the area of diversity, inclusion and leadership and has been quoted in The Australian House of Representatives, featured in a range of magazines (including OK! Magazine, The Collective, CLEO) and interviewed on live breakfast radio for 4BC Brisbane.

In 2014, The BCW was awarded Top Instagram Accounts to Follow by Mining Global along with a finalist nomination in the Women in Industry Social Leader 2015 Awards.

Teagan is passionate about helping individuals to achieve their full potential and believes this can only be achieved through a truly inclusive society. She believes the DPA is important for achieving this goal by supporting diversity practitioners to deliver best practice initiatives to improve access and acceptance of everyone, irrespective of gender, race, sexual orientation, background, circumstances, perspectives or ways of thinking. Through respect and harnessing our differences we can work together to achieve a more prosperous and innovative future for Queensland. 

Sally Queitzsch

Sally is a project and program specialist with a passion for delivering innovative and cutting edge workforce projects to improve performance. She is currently working with Queensland Health as their Senior Advisor Diversity and Inclusion, and has previously worked as a diversity consultant with management firm Johnston & Goldsmith, and with the Local Government Association of Queensland to support the local government sector implement innovative diversity and inclusion agendas.

Sally's background is as a social policy analyst and operations manager delivering statewide public and private funded projects that encourage women and girls into non-traditional streams of work and study. Sally served as a senior assistant to the Ministerial Advisory Board on Women and Girls into Sport and Recreation in 2014, as well as the high profile Smart Women-Smart State Taskforce 2005-2009. Sally has qualifications in communications, project management and psychology.

Sally believes supporting diversity practitioners will be not only helpful to individuals and the organisations they work with, but particularly for the field and the end beneficiaries, people of diverse backgrounds. Collaborative and concerted effort, and an ongoing commitment to shared knowledge, is required to elevate the principles of diversity and inclusion.

Alexandra Taylor

Alexandra Taylor has worked as a Human Resources professional for over ten years in the manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, and professional services industries. She is a passionate advocate for vibrant and challenging conversations and sees diversity as a fundamental acknowledgement of the different views, opinions and perspectives that people naturally bring to their home, work and life every day. At work, she is a trusted advisor, supporting the commercial goals of the business and the valuable people of the organisation. 

Patrick Caldwell

Patrick is a HR Business Partner with BHP Billiton and has five years’ experience in site and corporate-based roles spanning generalist HR and organisational development. Patrick is passionate about building inclusive teams and organisations where everyone can bring their true selves to work each day. Patrick has worked closely with business and industry leaders on gender diversity in male-dominated industries, inclusive leadership as well as the critical role workplaces play in responding and preventing family and domestic violence. 

In 2014, Patrick was recognised as a Finalist in the AHRI HR Rising Star Award category, and has since been actively involved in driving business outcomes through diversity and inclusion. He has a strong interest in quantifying the business case for diversity and translating long-term strategy into tangible and meaningful actions for leaders and teams.