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Member Connect: tackling taboos - talking privilege and toxic masculinity at work

There are some diversity-related terms that have developed socially-divisive reputations: “privilege” and “toxic masculinity” amongst them. Seemingly, misunderstanding leads to misappropriation in public forums and concepts which used to be factually descriptive have become emotionally charged faster than you can say “don’t mention the p word”.

How do you address taboos at work? Is it beneficial or is does it do more harm that good? How can building understanding around the likes of privilege and toxic masculinity aid your D&I strategy? We’ll discuss these questions and more in this session.

This event will be held in August - exact date TBC. If you’re interested in hosting this event, please contact us here.

This Member Connect event is in the format of a round table discussion, enabling everyone to share their perspective, experiences, ask questions and contribute thinking the conversation.

This event is open to DPA Members only. To learn more about becoming a member of the DPA or to sign up online, click here.