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Strength Based Engagement - Insights into Aboriginal Terms of Reference.

  • Green Square 505 Saint Pauls Terrace Fortitude Valley, QLD, 4006 Australia (map)

About The Workshop

The two-hour workshop is an introduction into the BlackCard programs, which are based on Aboriginal Terms of Reference and are designed to enable participants to embark on a shared journey of learning which revolves around:

  • Understanding why – the historical context of the impact of structures that were put in place to systematically limit Aboriginal people’s full participation in society. How this resulted in limited employment opportunities, lack of financial literacy, home ownership and business ownership. The lack of representation continues to limit the field of vision of possibilities for Aboriginal people.

  • Exploring what is possible when people understand that Aboriginal Terms of Reference are founded on a deep passion for people and relationships that is fundamental to all human beings.

  • Discovering how this passion can be unlocked; how people in organisations can be empowered and educated to develop community in organisations based on respect and individual conduct.

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About BlackCard

The Australian BlackCard Pty Ltd (BlackCard) is a 100% Aboriginal owned and operated business certified with Supply Nation. BlackCard provides training and consultancy services to enable people and organisations to work effectively with members of the Aboriginal community.

BlackCard’s purpose is working with people, not for people, with the genius of Aboriginal Knowledge. BlackCard’s Aboriginal knowledge strengthens ethical behaviour by enabling people to develop an understanding to undertake the same obligations and responsibilities to Land and to each other as Aboriginal people have practised for thousands of years.

BlackCard’s approach is based on Aboriginal Terms of Reference developed by Elder Lilla Watson, along with Mary Graham, both long-time educators for the University of Queensland developing and teaching subjects such as “Aboriginal Perspectives” and “Aboriginal Approaches to Knowledge” both at an undergraduate and post-graduate level since the 1970’s.

The demand for their knowledge and expertise as educators has grown beyond the university sector to the broader business and community sectors. This led the founders to develop the BlackCard. The BlackCard builds cultural capability to work effectively with members of the Aboriginal community. The BlackCard’s approach requires the strengthening ethical behaviour enabling all people to understand and undertake respectful relationships with each other.

“Aboriginal knowledge is based on experience and existence of living in this land for over 40,000 years. During this period hundreds of Aboriginal nations developed complex and sophisticated Laws, philosophy, logic, values, practices and traditions, such as governance systems, diplomacy, trade, etc. The BlackCard Elders draw on this long history of knowledge and logic that comes from this land.”  -  Mundanara Bayles, Managing Director, BlackCard

About the Facilitator

Mundanara Bayles

Mundanara’s cultural heritage is connected to the Wonnarua and Bunjalung people on her mother’s side and the Birri-Gubba and Gungalu on her father’s side. Mundanara grew up in Redfern NSW with her 8 sisters and moved to her father’s country in the early 90’s. Coming from a family that has been active in the Aboriginal movement since the 60s and 70s she continues to follow their example.

As a proud advocate for her people, she follows in her father’s footsteps and aims to make a positive contribution. Mundanara works both with the BlackCard, her community and organisation’s to share key learnings of Aboriginal culture and people. Mundanara’s philosophy is to ‘live and learn with our neighbours’. She has combined formal qualifications in Business, Media, Natural Medicine and Nutrition, with an inspiring career working in Aboriginal organisations in QLD and NSW. She is currently a board member at The Aboriginal & Islander Independent Community School also known as The Murri School in Brisbane, where she herself graduated from some 20 years ago.

Mundanara is a recent graduate from Melbourne Business School's "Murra - Indigenous Entrepreneurs Program". Over the years, Mundanara has worked in many organisations; from the Salvation Army Employment Plus, Busy at Work, the Child Support Agency, the Institute for Urban Indigenous Health, 98.9FM Radio, to her own business MDB Consultancy. At present, Mundanara delivers Cultural Competence Training on a part time basis to Academic and Professional staff across QIT. Mundanara has grown from strength to strength and in that short time she has been recognised internationally for her teaching and learning skills as she is now an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (AFHEA).